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5 Benefits of Installing Gutter Protection

Leaf Relief Gutter Protection

5-Benefits of installing Gutter protection

An effective gutter system is critical to preventing irreplicable damage to a home but one key to an effective gutter system is gutter protection. Falling leaves, debris, and even small animals can build in the gutter system causing damaging to the system and ultimately the home but worthwhile gutter protection will prevent that. Here are 5 benefits to installing gutter protection.

1) Low Maintenance

Gutter guards prevent falling leaves and debris from collecting and building up, meaning less time climbing ladders and cleaning gutters. Additionally, when the routine cleaning does take place, gutter guards make it easier and saves money!

2) Water Flow

The collection of leaves, twigs, and other debris in your gutters will cause clogs and lead to damage. Adequate gutter guards prevent these clogs and greatly reduces the risk of damage to the home.

3) Prevent Rust & Corrosion

A buildup of wet leaves, twigs, and other debris promotes the formation of corrosive rust. Gutter protection limits these buildups and lessens the likelihood of rust formation.

4) Reduce Pest Infestation

Rodents are always searching for a way inside the home and one of those was is squeezing behind the gutter and working their way into the roof of the home. Gutter guards work as a barrier to prevent these rodents and pests from getting in.

5) Reduced Ice Dam Formation

Clogged gutters cause water build up and when freezing temperatures hit, that water freezes, creating an ice dam. Ice dams often lead to water damage to the roof and other parts of the home along with shortening the life of the gutter system and the roof. Gutter guards help prevent clogs which prevent water buildup and the formation of ice dams. We have industry leading gutter protection, stop by your local Marsh Building Products locations for more information!

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