A No-Contact Visualization

In a time of quarantine, social distancing, and health concerns every business is adapting and changing. There is less face to face contact and that will continue for the foreseeable future but that does not mean your project has to stop. Whether the homeowner or contractor, the next project remains at the front of the mind, but the question remains, how do we move forward in unprecedented times?

The Designed Exterior Showroom at Marsh Building Products-Loveland is the perfect solution. With the Designed Exterior Showroom comes our Visualizer Tool, this tool shows just how the new siding, shutters, and front door will look. And the best part, it can be done with no contact whatsoever.

Here is how it works:

  • > Pictures of the front, sides, and rear of the home are submitted to our Designed Exterior Showroom via email from either the homeowner or the contractor. Including all the pertinent contact and project information.
  • > A phone or email from a Designed Exterior Design Specialist to the homeowner discussing the project, materials, colors, etc.
  • > The images are sent through our Visualizer Tool and the new materials, colors, products are applied, and snapshots are taken and put into a ‘Design Report’.
  • > Design Reports are sent to the homeowner via email. If the homeowner would like to see samples, we arrange a non-contact pick-up of samples for them to review. Click below to see sample design reports.
  • Title of the document Design Sample 1

    Title of the document Design Sample 2

    Title of the document Design Sample 3

  • > Final decisions and selections are made.
  • > Final product lists are then sent out to the homeowner and their contractor.
  • > Our sales team takes over and provides the contractor with pricing.

  • Not only is this process simple, straight forward, and easy but it allows everyone to see almost exactly what the project will look like without any contact.

    No matter which side of the project you are on, you can be rest assured that Marsh Building Products will provide nothing but top of the line products and exceptional customer service!

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