H3 from Sierra Pacific

A Crystal Achievement Award for Innovation, the H3 from Sierra Pacific is a true game changer. This window, made from vinyl, wood, and extruded aluminum, is unlike any product on the market. And like every single Sierra Pacific product, the H3 is custom, hand made to meet your exact specifications.

The warm wood interiors are incredibly inviting and beautiful.


An ultra-rigid and strong vinyl base frame.


Beautiful and durable extruded aluminum cladding on the exterior of the window.


As an extra level of protection, the wood is treated with CoreGuard Plus™. This patented process penetrates right to the wood’s core, when needed, to repel water, making the windows less likely to warp or swell while maintaining superior dimensional stability. CoreGuard Plus™ is a naturally organic, water-based treatment that contains fungicides and insecticides to deeply protect all wood species from pests and rotting.

Add the innovative locking design and integral rigid nailing fin to an already incredible window and the H3 truly changes the game! The innovative locking design leaves only minor nail holes to fill in the screen track and no awful-looking screws and fasteners on the interior while the integral rigid nailing fin provides greater structural integrity, improved water barrier, and makes for an easier installation process that nearly removes all racking problems.

Now that you know why the H3 a great window, let’s look at the different styles.

H3 Casement

H3 Awning

H3 Double Hung

H3 Horizontal Slider


With 10 high performance glazing options, you get to pick exactly what you want! Whether you want to improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills, capture or reflect the sun’s heat, reduce outside noise, block UV rays, or enhance your privacy, the glazing options on the H3 have you covered. Additionally, the H3 from Sierra Pacific includes No-Metal TrueWarm Edge Spacers. Unlike most manufacturers who use metal spacers which conduct heat and cold, reducing thermal performance, the non-metal spacers on the H3 are 100% polymer structural foam which increases thermal performance and creates a superior seal!

Speaking of glass, the H3 has 2 different options to achieve traditional divided lights, simulated divided lite profiles and grilles between the glass. Contemporary and Traditional wood have 5 different simulated divided lite profiles, 5/8”, 7/8”, 1”, 1 ¼”, and 2” while Putty wood only has the 5/8”, 7/8”, and 1” profiles. Grilles between the glass are available in 8 colors and 3 profiles, 11/16” or 1” contour and 5/8” flat. Equal or Prairie are the standard grille configurations, but you can customize the grilles to look exactly as you want.

Now we have talked about the window itself, the styles, and the glass, lets discuss the different finish and color options for the H3. The inviting wood interiors can be finished in three ways natural, primed or factory finished. Ultra Stain and Ultra Coat, the two types of factory finishes, are preformed in a controlled, clean environment with state-of-the-art equipment. Ultra Stain is multi-step process, highly advanced process that showcases the real beauty of the wood. It is available in clear, espresso, and toffee. Ultra coat, in black or white, is a durable interior paint. Both finishes resist scratching and marring while providing increased protection against moisture. Now that the inside of the H3 has been finished, we move outside to the extruded aluminum exteriors. They are finished with a non-hazardous AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 powder coating which have superior color retention, surface hardness, and scratch resistance. On top of that finish, Sierra Pacific has 75 colors and textures to give your window the exact look and feel you want! Seven different color and texture collections make up your options:

Sierra Pacific H3

Lastly, one of the items that really sets the H3 and Sierra Pacific apart from the rest, its warranty. The H3 is backed by a fully transferable 20/30 limited warranty. This warranty provides coverage for 30 years on residential AAMA 2605 clad exterior coating, 20 years on insulated glass, 10 years on parts. 2 years on labor, and 10 years on AAMA 2604 clad exterior coating coverage.

This window truly is a game changer, it will change the way you look at windows forever, it is….A Better Window, A Better Price.

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