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Designer Black

The factory-applied interior finishes from Marvin Windows and Doors are incredibly unique and unlike anything you can get from other manufactures. What separates the Marvin finish, is their process, Marvin uses a multi-step, integrated conditioning and staining process that begins before the window or door is even assembled. Each piece receives even coats of conditioning and stain, two of clear finish, sanded and backed twice in an oven, and then assembled specifically for you, to fit the exact needs of your project. This process is done to ensure that each product has the consistent, durable, high-quality finish that you expect while showcasing the natural beauty and texture of your window or door.

The newest addition to the Marvin lineup of interior finishes is Designer Black for Integrity Wood Ultrex. As more and designers and homeowners are choosing black over more traditional finishes, Marvin has added Designer Black to their Integrity finishes to create the ideal solution for any project!


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