TruStile Door Design Tool

TruStile Door Design

TruStile Door Design Tool

Panel, modern, glass, and twelve styles of architectural doors create a ton of different choices. Add in wood types, finishes, inserts, hinges, and the countless other choices to make and selecting the right door can be an arduous task. But what if you could design multiple doors from the comfort of your home, save those doors on a personal dashboard and the export them to Excel or other formats…with the TruStile Door Design Tool, you can!

TruStile’s exclusive web-based software allows you to design your own custom doors. Specify the height, width and location of all stiles, rails and mullions within a door. But not just one door, you can create a collection of doors for a single project or multiple doors for multiple projects. Once created, those custom designs are stored in the cloud on your personal dashboard and can be exported to Excel or other programs. Drawings can also be generated and imported into CAD programs.

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