Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Winter is Coming

Fall weather has finally arrived and it is here to stay, so it is officially time to get your home ready for colder weather. Many of you may be asking, what does that mean and how do I do it? If your home isn’t properly equipped for the colder weather, it could lead to costly damages and take a big chunk of your savings account, Marsh Building Products wants to ensure you do not take that hit. This process does not just involve the exterior of your home, it is just as critical that the interior of the home is adapted as well.

With that being said, here is a checklist of projects to protect against the harsh weather:

  • - Clean
    •         - Over the course of the summer dirt and mold can build up on the home’s exterior and it is important to remove those spots. Mold and dirt outside can creep inside and that can lead to health problems for your family, so it is imperative to remove these dangers.
    •         - Leaves and other debris collect in your gutters during the summer and fall months which can lead to wood rot, pest infestation, and ruined gutters, all of which are a significant cost to rectify.
    •          - Obviously, the heat will be running during the winter and dirty or dusty heating ducts can lead to polluted air circulating your home which can cause respiratory problems for your family, so make sure your ducts are clean. Plus, it will lead to a more efficient heating system, thus saving you money.
    •         - If you have a chimney, it is essential for it to be clean to prevent fires…and we wouldn’t want Santa to get dirty.
    •         - Grilling, parties, and kids playing among many other things can lead to a gathering of dirt and other nasty items on your deck, give it a thorough cleaning.
  • - Check
    •         - Take a good hard look at your gutters and downspouts, be sure that water isn’t coming down behind the gutter and that all brackets are secured properly.
    •          - Ensure water is draining properly and isn’t pooling, pooling water causes damage to foundations, walkways, and driveways.
    •         - Inspect for any damage on windows, doors, window seals, and door frames.
    •         - Check your heating system to ensure optimal performance and to find any minor problems that could turn into major, costly problems.
    •         - Is your fireplace’s flue sealed tight when closed? Ensure that it is!
    •         - Examine Attic
      •         - Ensure vents in the eaves aren’t coved by instillation and cleared of any debris
      •         - Ensure ridge vents are cleared of any debris
      •         - Check rodent and bird screens for attic vents to prevent any unwanted guests.
    •         - Properly insulated pipes to prevent freezing and busting
  • - Replace, Repair, and Install
    •         - Replace summer screens with storm windows and doors.
    •         - Repair any damages to windows, doors, or other parts of your home.
    •         - Install a new furnace filter.
    •         - Fertilize and reseed lawn.
    •         - Prune trees and shrubs after leaves turn to encourage heavy growth.
    •         - Trim any tree limbs that are close to heavy power lines or roof, heavy snow and ice can cause falling limbs.


Winter is Coming!! For the safety of your home and family, follow this checklist, and enjoy the winter weather knowing your home is prepared!



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