Leaf Relief

Leaf Relief

Leaf Relief for Existing Gutters

Leaf Relief for Existing Gutters is a proven, patented protection system, Leaf Relief keeps twigs, leaves, and other natural debris from collecting in the gutters and reducing the flow of rainwater to standstill. Made from heavy duty aluminum or copper, Leaf Relief fits nearly every gutter system on the market.

Leaf Relief For Existing Gutter


Features and Benefits

• Low Maintenance: No more climbing ladders to clean gutter. • Patented Aluma-Perf™ Technology: Keeps leaves, twigs, and pine needles out of the gutter.

Most small debris is cleared by 6 mph breeze with wet debris removed in 23 mph winds.

• Low Maintenance: No more climbing ladders to clean gutter. • High Volume: Drains more than twice the highest recorded rainfall ever recorded. • Efficient Installation: Mounts directly to the gutter, eliminating the need to lift shingles and

risk voiding roof warranty.

• Weather and Pest Resistant: Mounts securely and stays in place, resisting high winds, snow,

ice, and pest invasion.

• Reinforces the Gutter: Helps protect the gutter system from common gutter failures. • Exclusive, Specially-Treated Vinyl Flap: Resists UV light, mildew, and extreme weather for

a long-lasting, self-sealing fit.

• 25-Year No Clog, No Overflow Warranty: Premium guarantee of lasting quality and peace of

mind (see warranty for complete details)

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