Marsh Building Products Completes Second Expansion in 2020

After relocating our Montgomery showroom to a more expansive location in January, Marsh Building Products continues to grow. Moving our Lexington operation to a larger space and adding to the already vast array of products. With an already established window and door presence in the market, this expansion adds gutter and cabinet selections.

Since its opening in early June, the new Lexington location has been a smashing success. “Our recent expansion in the Lexington market has exceeded all expectations.” said Pat McNickle, President of Marsh Building Products. “In addition to the support from our existing customers we’ve gathered since our arrival in the market as a window & door supplier in 1998, we have been warmly welcomed by new customers interested in our new gutter and cabinet offerings.”

The Marsh Gutter Program includes an extensive list of products including 5”, 6”, and 7” k-style gutter and 6” half-round in nearly 40 colors and finishes. Additionally, 5” and 6” k-style runoff is available at our warehouse along with job site fabrication of all gutter lengths and styles. Lastly, the Marsh Gutter Program has mini rolls in all colors, mini rolls that can be fabricated to the exact foot, and next delivery on all in stock items.

Our cabinets, Cabnitz by deZign, are exclusive to Marsh Building Products and feature 10 different styles and colors.

As for the future of Marsh in Lexington, just 4 months into this recent expansion, McNickle has nothing but high hopes. “The immediate success we have experienced meeting the needs of these customers only strengthens our belief that the Lexington operation has a bright future ahead.”

1034 Trotwood Drive, Lexington, KY 40511
Window & Door Department: 859.277.7887 | Building Products Department: 859.277.7636
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