Marvin Modern

Modern Outswing Door by Marvin

From the Signature Collection of Marvin windows and doors, the Modern Outswing Door. Engineered with the innovative modular system of Marvin Modern, the outswing door can be added to other Modern products to create large, floor-to-ceiling configurations that do not sacrifice thermal performance. And like all Modern products, the outswing doors minimalist hardware and clean sightlines allows for design freedom.  

Features of the Modern Outswing Marvin

• Stile and rail dimensions – 3 3/8″
• Robust 2 1/4″ standard panel thickness, Narrow 3″ stiles and rails, regardless of configuration
• Minimalist handle and escutcheon
• Ability to mull Modern windows and swing doors directly to swing door jambs
• Available in X, O, XO, OX, and XX congigurations with unequal panel widths
• Panels can reach heights up to 12 feet, operating widths of 4 feet, and stationary widths up to 12 feet
• Units with tripane insulated glass achieve U-Values as low as 0.19
Five interior finish options
Five exterior finish options


modern outswing door
modern outswing door
modern outswing door

modern outswing door

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