MyMarsh Frequently Asked Questions

MyMarsh from Marsh Building Products is new and exciting, but it does come with some questions and we want to answer as many of those as possible for you!

What is MyMarsh?

MyMarsh is an online portal in which you can view and print credit memos, as well as, view, print and pay any open invoices.

How do I sign-up?

Contact your Marsh Building Products representative and let them know you would like a MyMarsh account. The account will be set-up and you will be provided an account number and password via email.

How do I login?

Go to, click on the MyMarsh (under the resources tab), and sign in using the username and password provided.

Can I view older invoices that I have already paid?

Yes, once logged in, click on invoices (top right), and using the search return on the left, you can search for invoices using several different criteria.

Can I print invoices, credit memos, and statements?

You can print invoices and credit memos, but you cannot view or print statements. To print invoices, click on invoices (top right), search the invoice you would like to print, click on the plus sign to the left, click on the PDF icon, and print. To print credit memos, click on credit memos (top right), search the credit memo you would like to print, click on the plus sign to the left, click on the PDF icon, and print.

How do I pay?

Click on billing, check the box (left) of the invoice/invoices you would like to pay, click ‘Pay Via Credit Card’, enter your credit card information, click process transaction. You will receive an email confirmation via the email address you submitted to create your account.

What types of payments are accepted?

Currently, we are only accepting Visa and Mastercard but ACH payments are coming soon!

What if I pay the wrong invoice?

If you accidently pay the wrong invoice, contact our Accounts Receivable Department as soon as possible at 800.923.8594.

How soon will by payment be reflected on my account?

Instantaneously, as soon as the payment is processed, it will be reflected on your account.

Can I order product through my MyMarsh Online Account?

No, currently you can only view, print, and pay via your MyMarsh Online Account.

Can I use MyMarsh from my phone or other mobile device?

Yes, simply go to your device’s internet browser, go to, click on the MyMarsh tab, and log in.


If you have any other questions or concerns contact us via our website, via email at [email protected], or via phone at 800.923.8594.

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