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Product Feature – Cabnitz by Dezign

The right cabinets can take a kitchen and bathroom from mundane to magnificent and Cabnitz by Dezign make for the perfect transformation. Whether it is the ever-popular Shaker White or the sleek, modern West Point Grey, these cabinets fit every design. With 13 styles, 11 different wall cabinets, 13 base cabinets, utility and vanity options, and several accessories, Cabnitz by Dezign offers endless options to make the kitchen or bathroom a highlight.

Our cabinets are made with solid hardwood door frames and the face frames have hardwood or engineered center panels. The cabinet boxes are constructed with ½” plywood and that includes the sides, tops and bottoms while the shelves are ¾” plywood, and the drawer boxes are ¾” hardwood dovetail drawer boxes to ensure durability and strength for the entire cabinet. The box exteriors are match stained and finished inside and out on most styles. Soft close drawer glides and door hinges are standard on most styles but can be add to those in which it is not. We also offer full overlay on 9 of our cabinet styles and butt styles doors that allow for easier use. And stainless steel baskets are standard on all lazy susan cabinets.

The 13 Cabnitz by Deszign styles are as follows:


The endless options include multiple wall cabinet and base cabinet designs:


Along with these wall and base cabinets, we also offer 18” and 24” wide utility cabinets and universal oven cabinets. The 18” utility cabinet features 4 adjustable shelves that can be used in the top or bottom section, with the bottom section measuring at 54” tall. The cabinets are 24” deep and their doors may be replaced with corresponding high glass doors.  The 24” wide utility cabinet comes with the same features as the 18” along with butt style doors. The universal oven cabinets come in three different heights, 84”, 90”, and 96”, all with a width of 33”. The cut out opening measures 28.5” x 22” and will fit any standard size oven. The cabinets are 24” deep with butt style doors and 2 standard top drawers and 1 deeper bottom drawer.

Not only can our cabinets make the kitchen standout from the rest of the home, but we can make the bathroom do the same with our incredible vanities. These vanities are available in 4 different styles, vanity sink base, vanity drawers base, single drawer vanity cabinets, and double drawer vanity cabinets. The vanity sink bases can be 24”, 30”, or 36” wide and 34.5” tall with butt style doors and a depth of 21”. However, they do not come with shelves or drawers. The vanity drawer base can be 12”, 15”, or 18” wide with a height of 34.5” with a depth of 21”, 3 fully functioning drawers, and a standard drawer on top with 2 deeper drawers below. The single drawer vanity cabinets can be 30” or 36” wide and 34.5” tall with a depth of 21”. There are no shelves, but the bottom 2 drawers are fully functional with a stand false drawer at the top. Finally, the double drawer vanity cabinets are either 48” or 60” wide with a height of 34.5” and a 21” depth. There are no shelves, but all 6 drawers are fully functional with 2 standard drawers at the top and 4 deep drawers below.

Be sure not to forget about your accessories, panels, trims, and fillers. There are critical to making sure your kitchen moves from the mundane to the magnificent.

Check out our 2018 cabinet catalog and stop by one of our full warehouse locations in Columbus, Dayton, Loveland, or Ft. Thomas and get your Cabnitz by Dezign today!

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