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TruExterior Trim from Boral Building Products

So Authentic. So Reliable. Nothing Compares.

TruExterior Trim from Boral Building Products is the latest addition to the Marsh Building Products inventory. This product is made from a revolutionary poly-ash material that can handle even the harshest of conditions and unlike other trim products, TruExterior Trim addresses both moisture and movement related issues. It is suitable for roofline and ground contact, as well as, other moisture prone areas making it ideal for applications such as fascia, door trim, soffits, rake boards, and a variety of other applications.

Not only can it be used in several different areas, but TruExterior Trim has a tremendously high level of dimensional stability, meaning there no need to prime ends or field cuts. Plus, it can be painted any color and it accepts a wide variety of fasteners, making your life easier and the project more efficient. Additionally, this trim can be installed using standard woodworking tools and methods.

Lastly, TruExterior Trim is resistant to rotting, cracking, splitting from moisture, and virtually free from termites.

Curious as to how TruExterior Trim stacks up to fiber cement and PVC trim, check out our comparison sheet and learn why this is one of the best trim products on the market.

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