You Always Have a Choice with Sierra Pacific

Famed author Michelle Hodkin once said, “You always have a choice.” While that is true in our personal lives, it isn’t always true when it comes to the windows and doors you buy. But with Sierra Pacific from Marsh, it is, you do have a choice.

Whether that be the style, the material, the colors, the finish, the glass, it is all up to you!

Sierra Pacific offers nine, yes nine, styles of windows and six styles of doors. Casement, awning, single hung, horizontal slider, bi-fold, multi-slide, bay & bow, and special shape windows with swinging, sliding, bi-fold, multi-slide, lift & slide, and pivot doors. Maybe you want a vinyl casement window or an aluminum clad wood sliding door? Well you can have it and so much more with Sierra Pacific. Windows are available in four different materials, vinyl, wood, aluminum clad wood, and H3. While doors are available in vinyl, wood, and aluminum clad wood.

You might be curious as to what in the world an H3 is, well it is the best of all the worlds. An integration of vinyl, wood, and extruded aluminum. A vinyl base frame with beautiful wood interiors and durable, tough aluminum exteriors.

So, we know about the styles of windows and the types of window, now let’s get to the fun stuff…. the colors. Sierra Pacific has 75 different color and texture options along with color matching to ensure you have the exact color you want and need! While all colors are not available on all the different styles, the color matching almost guarantees you get the right color. The colors and textures are broken into seven different collections, Color Stay, Pearl Metallic, Weathered, Metallic, Industrial, Anodized, and Textured.

Pine is the standard wood on all wood, aluminum clad wood, and H3 windows but of course that’s not your only options, you can upgrade to one of eight different species of wood: Maple, Alder, Mahogany, Cherry, Mixed Grain Douglas, Fir, Red Oak, White Oak, and Walnut. And with the H3, there are two different finish options for your wood interiors, Ultra Stain and Ultra Coat. Ultra Stain is multi-step, highly advanced process that highlights the natural beauty of the wood, it is available in clear, espresso, and toffee. Ultra Coat, available in black or white, is a durable interior paint.

The last thing you should and need to know about are the extruded aluminum exterior finishes. These finishes, either a non-hazardous AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 powder coating, give the exterior of your window superior color retention, surface hardness, and scratch resistance.

Just like Michelle said, “You always have a choice.” When buying window and doors, the choice is pretty clear, Sierra Pacific from Marsh Building Products!

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