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RWD Extender Trim

A family owned and operated business with 15 plus years of operation, RWD has perfected vinyl extender trim. Made from a virgin vinyl compound, this extender trim is unlike any on the market and is the newest addition to Marsh Building Products!

As opposed to coming in sticks that create a lot of wasted, unusable product, RWD Extender Trim is manufactured in a 200’ continuous roll. This eliminates waste and makes the trim convenient to use and easy to handle, store, and transport. Available in 2” single edge taped along with 2” and 2.5” double edge taped, the 200’ roll can yield 400’ by simply splitting the double edge taped trim in half. While splitting the trim may sound like a cumbersome task, it is not! The trim can be folded in half without the use of tools thanks to pre-scored center groove that produces two equal widths. The 2.5” trim also features two other score lines that serve as guidelines for the trim to be scored in the field for smaller sizes.

Another factor that separates RWD Extender Trim from the rest is its foam-based adhesive. This type of adhesive provides flexibility for molding and allows for conformity, expansion, and contraction. Finally, the foam-based adhesive is good in all climates and will hold up under the most extreme conditions.

Installation is also a breeze, just pull the desired length from the box, cut to the desired length, bend, snap, and then apply! Check out the installation page detailed installation instructions and tips.

With a high focus on quality, RWD prepares each trim order individually with all taping and spooling done by hand. The order is then checked and rechecked to ensure every order is accurate and of the highest quality.

Unlike any extender trim you have ever used, get your RWD Extender Trim at Marsh!

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