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Designed Exterior Showroom LogoInterior design is all the rage, having the right curtains to match the couch and the perfect paint to accent the floor but what about exterior design? Well it is just as important. Having the right color siding, the correct style doors, and the best windows are essential for you home to have that car stopping, curb appeal we are all looking for. An interior designer is easy to find with a quick Google search but an exterior designer, not so much, but Marsh Building Products’ got it covered with our Designed Exterior Showroom by Ply Gem!

The Designed Exterior Showroom, located at our branch in Loveland, Ohio, is the perfect place for you and your contractor to come and test all the different styles and combinations to make the outside of your home just as beautiful as the inside. With the help of our designers we can show you what your home’s exterior will look like with new siding or a different style door, letting you know exactly what you are getting before making that crucial final decision.

The entire process is very easy and straight forward, it begins with a consultation with you and your contractor about your home, what changes could be made, and the products and material to make those upgrades. Samples of the products will be given to you, to take home, and decide which ones are the most liked and have the best look and feel for your home.

The next step is for us to get a high-resolution photograph of the home for masking, which is the process that allows our designers to make changes and show you exactly what your home would look.

The third step is the best step, the renderings of your home are done with the different colors and materials that you have chosen. These renderings are done with you and your contractor, in our showroom, and shown to you in real time. You get to take these home, look them over, and make a final decision.

The final step, your contractor gets the material, makes the upgrades to the home, and you have that car stopping, curb appeal that you have always dreamed of!

Curious as to the types of products and material you have at your disposal…. windows from Sierra Pacific, doors from Provia, siding from Mastic and Napco, along with stone, trim, and other accessories from Ply Gem.

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