The Marvin Skycove

The latest in a long line of stellar products, Marvin is launching the Skycove! Currently available in select Northeastern markets, the Marvin Skycove is a fully constructed box glass structure that projects into the open air creating a smart extension of usable space that delivers gorgeous, panoramic views.

With up to 20 square feet of additional space, the Skycove is perfect for active living rooms or more personal spaces like the bedroom or den. The customizable and plenteous bench is the perfect nook for that morning cup of coffee or reading a book on a rainy afternoon.

•The features and benefits of the Marvin Skycove

• Adds up to 20 square feet of usable space

• Integrated steel structure with high density fiberglass frame

• Strong enough to accommodate multiple people

• Higher live load capacities than most decks

• The 4° slope on the top glass and flush gazing sheds debris and prevents pooling

• Narrow 2 7/8” sightlines provide expansive, unobstructed views

• Insulated seat cavity

• Finished seat boards available in pine, red oak, and mixed grain douglas fir

• Color match other Marvin windows and doors for a seamless paring across all products lines

• Fork pockets built-in for easy installation

• Certified and Warrantied

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