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Tips To Decorate Without Gutter Damage

decorate without damaging your gutters

Tips to Decorate Without Gutter Damage

The turkey has been eaten and the pumpkins have been put away, December is here and Christmas is right around the corner. There is nothing like the joy that Christmas time brings, festive music, tree decorating, and hanging lights and decorations for all our neighbors to see and enjoy. But with all the joy and celebration, comes a responsibility to ensure the home is not damaged during the decorating.

To help with that, we have crafted a few tips to decorate without damaging your gutters.


Avoid leaning a ladder against your gutters when hanging lights. The combined weight of the ladder and you can cause extensive gutter damage.


While a small hole in your roof or hanging lights directly on the gutters might see harmless, this can lead to roof leaks and gutter damage, both of which lead to expensive repairs. Instead, use plastic clips. These clips are specifically designed for Christmas lights and holiday décor. If you choose to attach these clips to your gutter system, be sure not to overload them with weight that can cause gutters to become broken or loose.


Be sure the wires are not run through the gutter system, as problems are likely to arise if the gutters fill with water.

Gutter Guards

Attaching clips with gutter guards can be difficult so when possible, hang lights from shingles. If gutter guards and shingles are not possible places to attached clips and hang lights, moisture adhesive clips are a secondary option.


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