TruStile Door Construction

Among the overwhelming number of things that make TruStile doors spectacular and unique, their construction is near the top. TruStile doors are made with authentic stile and rail construction, no routing or stamping of any door. Each door, made to order with perfectly proportioned components, is created on it own to guarantee architectural correctness regardless of size.

Three different construction options ensure the perfect door at the perfect price to match the application. The three methods, MDF Door Construction, TruStile Wood Construction, & TruStile Reserve Wood Construction.

MDF Door Construction

Medium density fiberboard or MDF, a preferred material for painted door applications was pioneered by TruStile because of its many advantages over other materials. An engineered wood product, MDF is made from recycled and recovered wood fiber and resists warping, cracking, and splitting while outperforming its wood counterparts.

These doors come standard with 'The Wedge'. This field proven hardwood edge system stands up to daily use and provides stability, rigidity, and screw-holding power.

Perfect for paint, MDF doors provide the ideal smooth surface to be painted any color of your choosing. And they are environmentally friendly as they are SCS certified to contain 69% recycled content, low VC primes and adhesives keep levels of emissions well below standards.

TruStile Wood Door Construction

Like all TruStile doors, these wood doors are made with authentic stile and rail construction and use a premium mix of materials to create a positively natural look. Every component is blended for color and grain pattern matching and edge-glued solid wood panels provide a premium look and feel. Traditional dowel construction produces a solid joint and the engineered stave lumber core is cut to size with alternating grain patterns, which balances the core and reduces the wood’s natural tendency to move.

Choose amongst 16 different standard species of wood and a vast collection of factory finishes. As a bonus, the edges of all panels are finished prior to their insertion into the door. The removes the possibility of unfinished wood being exposed around the edge of the panel if the door is exposed to low humidity conditions.

TruStile Reserve Wood Door Construction

A combination of the latest in technology and meticulous hand craftmanship, TruStile Reserve Wood Doors are the epitome of luxury. Made with only the finest materials and methods including a proprietary specification based on the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) standard for AA premium grade doors. The composite core of each panel provides strength and stability for the ultimate stiffness that resists bowing, twisting, and warping. Lastly, the precision-cut and cope joinery make for quite the uncompromising look.

Along with these three methods of construction are TruStile Flush Doors which feature a highly engineered core and hardwood to provide stability and durability.

Unique in its construction and spectacular in its beauty, you simply cannot go wrong with an interior door from TruStile.


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