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Beautiful, Mortarless, Easy to Install…Versetta Stone


Ledgestone Style

Narrow, stacked stones for a more intricate aesthetic.
Available in 7 Colors.
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Tight Cut

Tight-Cut Style

Bold stones with a tighter fit for a professional appearance.
Available in 7 Colors
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Carved Block

Carved Block Style

Strong, clear, chiseled texture for a contemporary look.
Available in 2 Colors
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Strong, Durable, and Built to Look Fantastic

• Each panel covers 2ft2.
• Lightweight, fiber-reinforced concrete replicates authentic look and feel of stone.
• Tongue and groove system for perfect spacing every time.
• Installs with screws or nails, no scratch coat or metal lath needed.
• Built-in rain screen.
• No seasonal restrictions on installation.
• Wind resistant up to 110 MPH
• Class A fire resistance rating, and passes freeze/thaw testing.

Quick and Easy Installation

Versetta Stone Installation

Versetta Stone Installation

Versetta Stone Installation

Almost Any Siding Contractor or Carpenter Can Install Versetta Stone Panels

• Available in 8″ x 46″ panels.
• No need for metal lath or scratch coats.
• Simply use a mason saw to cut pieces to length & an angle grinder to dress edges when needed.
• Line up each panel with the tongue and groove system & screw or nail to secure into place.
• No need to worry about painting, coating, or sealing.
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