High-Density Fiberglass: The Materials of Marvin Modern

“The Spirit of Modern Design Lives On” …. while most taglines are there to simply draw your attention, this line rings true. Marvin Modern is modernism with clean lines that lack ornament and generous use of glass. The one key in this design is the high-density fiberglass that makes up the exterior of all Modern products. This revolutionary product is made from high concentrations of fiberglass and a strong resin and while it echoes the look of other modern materials, it offers much better thermal performance.

high-density fiberglass

The Benefits of High-Density Fiberglass

• Expands and contracts at a rate comparable to that of glass to help maintain performance over time.
• Maintains shape and thermal performance even in the demanding climate of a Midwest summer.
• Enables proprietary frame design that offers strength and performance even at expansive sizes.

high-density fiberglass

As we know, modernism in architecture is about clean lines and expansive use of glass, the high-density fiberglass and frame design of Marvin Modern products reshapes how products of modern architecture can perform. The unique frame formed with this fiberglass requires no additional material in its thermal performance, quite the departure from it thermally broken competitors.

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