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Marsh Building Products carries a wide range of accessories to give a beautiful finish to your projects. Columns, railings, trims, moldings, and stone veneer, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of every property and complement the overall design while providing long-lasting beauty to the exterior.

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Stone Veneer

Versetta Stone is beautiful, mortarless, easy to install stone without all the mess and hassle of traditional stone. Available in three different styles, Ledgestone, Tight-Cut, and Carved Block, Versetta Stone panels are suitable for any design, style, or look you desire.  

Strong and durable to look Fantastic. 
Quick and easy installation.

Columns & Railing

Whether it is for your deck, porch or patio, railing and columns from Marsh Building Products meet all safety standards while still giving you the premium look you desire. With products from Superior Aluminum Products, Crown Column, HB&G, Digger Specialties, and Ranch Life Plastics, Marsh has your column and railing needs covered.
Columns and railing

Trim & Mouldings

You can take any exterior from drab to dramatic with trim from Marsh Building Products! The moment your product arrives, you’re set with every item necessary to enhance the best features of a home exterior. We stock a variety of styles from TruExterior® Trim from Boral Building Products and BuiltReady cellular PVC trim products from PlyGem.

TruExterior® Trim is a one of a kind product made from a revolutionary poly-ash material and is the only product on the market to address both moisture and movement related issues. Designed to be used in non-load bearing applications, suitable for ground contact and moisture-prone areas, making it ideal for applications such as fascia, door trim, soffits, rake boards, and a wide variety of other applications.