Marvin Modern

Marvin Modern

The Spirit of Modern Design Lives On

Part of the Marvin Signature Collection, Marvin Modern brings exceptional design and phenomenal performance – creating a line of windows and doors that exceeds the principles and standards of true modern design. Made of an innovative high-density fiberglass with consistent narrow sightlines and a modular system, Marvin Modern is a seamless approach to modern design.

Windows in Modern

Doors in Modern


Made of a high density fiberglass material and proprietary frame design, Marvin Modern provides thermal performance and durability that is unequaled in the market. The Integrated Mull Channel allows you to add up to 1/2 of mull reinforcement without compromising sightlines. While the frame recesses accept a drywall return, allowing for an easier wall integration and consistent frame reveal.


Modern Direct Glaze

Modern Frame

Modern Design

Designed to meet the principles and standards of true modern design. Modern products feature low-gloss aluminum interiors with black spacer bars and black sealant to minimize distractions on the frame and enhance the flow of natural light. Fasteners are disguised and rubber gaskets are concealed with internal covers to help Modern products maintain clean, crisp edges.  

Modular System

Designed to work together visually as a modular system that allow for design ease and confidence while maintaining narrow sightlines that are less than 3″ even on mulled units. A variety of mulling options are available to achieve large assemblies while maintaining leading performance.  


Modern Door Exterior

Modern Window Interior

Modern Door Exterior

Modern Window Interior

Modern Window Exterior

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