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Modern is everywhere, from cars to fashion and now homes. Nothing showcases that more than Marvin Windows and Doors’ newest product line, Marvin Modern.  Informed, inspired, and designed with the needs of architects and builders in mind, this product has everything you need to bring your project into the 21st century!

Marvin Modern Exterior      

Built with High-Density fiberglass material and a proprietary frame design, this line of windows and doors provides unparalleled performance and durability. The frames are built with a solid piece of High-Density fiberglass that requires NO additional material to aid in its thermal performance. Thus, keeping the cold air inside during the summer and out during the winter. This brand-new design features an integrated mull channel, a structural cavity within the frame, that allows for up to ½” of mull reinforcement without compromising sightlines. Lastly, a built-in dry-wall return allows for easy wall integration and consistent frame reveal.

Marvin Modern FrameMarvin Modern Frame 2

An aluminum interior with a low-gloss finish, black spacer bars, and black sealants reduce visual distractions and increase the flow of natural light while still maintaining the strength and durability you have come to expect.  Internal covers ensure that fasteners and rubber gaskets are hidden, keeping the crisp, clean edges that is a must have for every modern home.

Marvin Modern InteriorMarvin Modern Interior 2

Modern design elicits a basic color palette that embodies a simple, yet elegant look and the colors of Marvin Modern are no different. These colors, gunmetal, bronze, ebony, clear anodized, and stone white can be split or color matched interiorly and exteriorly.

Finally, Marvin Modern is available in two styles currently with two more coming soon. Currently available are the Modern Multi-Slide Door and Modern Direct Glaze Window with Modern Casement and Modern Awning coming soon.

Be sure to check out the Marvin Modern Visualization Tool, this tool helps you see all of your design ideas, discuss them, and ensure you get the right window or door for your project.

Stop by and visit one of our window and door showrooms in Montgomery or Lexington or a full-service warehouse in Columbus, Dayton, Loveland, or Ft. Thomas to see Marvin Modern.

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